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Farewell 2019 & Welcome 2020 - A year in review!

2019, and in particular the last 3 months of 2019 has shown us the full potential of the Making a difference card concept  - and all those involved are looking forward to a promising 2020.

Visitors to the site increased dramatically over the festive period and January saw all our expectations exceeded with our payout solution showing a rise of over 900% from the previous year.

Across 2019 we saw an average of £10 per printed card being donated which matched the £10 per ecard - which shows both options are of equal value to charities. Vive la carte imprimée!

Overall, we saw printed card sales outpace ecard sales by a 4:1 ratio. Proving the fact that card sales are still strong. This is also backed up by the latest figures from GCA - that overall most retailers they spoke with saw demand for single printed cards rise 4% year on year (personalised cards fall into that category). Boxed card sets saw a slight decline apart from the wonderful sector we support and continue to increase our market share in - Charity Cards!

Corporate ecard sales outperformed our Corportate printed cards this year - but the average donation was higher on the printed cards -donations averaged out at £215 per printed card pack in comparison to £65 per corporate ecard package, again showing the vallue of ink on paper to those purchasing the item.

Currently we are working on increasing our photo upload range of cards which is a very popular range as well as expanding our range of Art cards.

The year ahead will see us investing in yet more features which we will announce in due course- so do keep visiting the site.

A big THANK YOU to all that have made purchases in 2019 and donated to all the worthy charities we have on board.

Card by Card we are all MAKING A DIFFERENCE.