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Cards for Friends & Family

Are looking to send a personalised card online or in the post that supports a charity? Making A Difference Cards have designs for every occasion and with each card you provide a minimum £1 donation in much needed support

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Cards from Your Business

Is your business looking to send cards that support a chosen charity? If so we can help you brand your cards and make your donations in one simple solution. Choose single personalised cards or ecards, and even packs for Christmas

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Send a personalised charity card or ecard today and donate at the same time with every purchase from our charity card or charity ecard ranges. With over 600 charities listed on our site and thousands of personalised card designs available, you are sure to find the perfect choice to send to your loved ones.

Are you looking to send a personalised card online? Making a Difference cards has a complete range of personalised cards and personalised ecards for you to choose from.

Our charity cards allow you to donate, add alternative gifts and/or fundraise for a charity closest to your heart or support one the person you are sending the card to loves - a card and gift all in one.

You can fully personalise our greetings cards and ecards, by uploading photos and adding text, then choose the date and time that you want them to be delivered up to a year in advance. With a minimum donation from you of £1 going to charity - your cards really will make a difference!

All our personalised printed cards are made in the UK using FSC certified materials and are fully recyclable - we use no glitter or harmful products in the production of your cards.

  • Add an audio or video message to your card
  • Make your own charity ecard for any occasion
  • £1 minimum donation to the charity of your choice
  • Increase your charitable donation and let the recipient know that it is in lieu of a gift.
  • Show the donation amount in the card or not.
  • Send your personalised printed charity cards by post.
  • Or send them by email or SMS Text as personalised charity ecards in digital 3D.
  • Choose the date, time and even timezone for your ecard to be delivered or the date for your printed card to be sent – up to a year in advance
  • Use your own message, poem, artwork or photo - Turn these into unique gifts whilst donating to charity - send them to your loved ones who can treasure them or even frame them to be treasured forever.
  • Family packs available for many types of card including Charity Christmas Cards


Does your business want to send a personalised charity cards or ecards  - that make a difference? Choose one of our personalised charity card designs and upload your logo and/or signatures to have them printed in full colour, or, send a personalised charity ecard instantly as a 3D E-card!

You make a minimum donation of £10 to the charity of your choice & you have the option to increase your donation if you wish along with the option to show your donation amount in the card - it's your choice!

We cater for small personal orders or large corporate orders - branded cards available in packs of 25 to 250.

Need help? Have you seen a card design but would like it tweaked? Just let us know via our live chat or contact us via the website and we will be happy to do this for you at no extra charge. Or are you trying to upload your logo and signatures but it's not looking quite right? Don’t worry talk to us and we will help correct it for you.

  • Charity cards with your business name or logo printed inside or out
  • Signature upload available on all cards - at no extra cost
  • Front Cover Logo or inside Logo upload options - at no extra cost
  • Editable message, inside or front cover options – at no extra cost
  • Envelopes provided
  • Charity logo inside card front cover.
  • Gloss or matte finish options
  • Card size option


When you purchase one of our charity cards or charity ecards you get to choose who you donate to and also how much. We give you the option to increase your donation and/or add a gift donation which will be printed on the inside of your charity card or charity ecard. The recipient gets to know that you have made a conscious decision to support a worthy cause whilst thinking of them! And the best part it's all done in three simple steps:


Choose a charity


  • by either sector, category, name or location
  • for a charity close to yours or the recipients heart
  • for a new charity to support - sharing your charitable giving

Add something extra

Make your card a lasting gift:

  • increase the donation you would like to make
  • add a gift to the card
  • support a fundraising campaign*

Personalise your card

In the following ways:

  • use your own message, poem, artwork or photo
  • choose your card template
  • choose the date and time the card will be sent - upto a year in advance

Register your Nonprofit/Charity

If you would like to have your nonprofit/charity listed on our site for free - please fill out the form below, we will verify your details and have you on board within 24 hours. There are no annual fees and we take no commission - so why not sign up today and benefit from a completely free online charity e-card solution - you can even add gifts, fundraising targets and have your own card designs added!

All we ask for in return is that you help spread the message about our service to your supporters by sending them to your very own unique URL to make their purchases...

Please enter your name
We will need this to contact you
Please enter your charities name
We will need this to contact you
We need this to confirm eligibilty

Absolutely! We have various card templates where you can upload your own image, artwork or design to the front cover. Whether you choose to post your charity card or send it as a charity ecard you can still use your own images!

Your printed charity card can be sent by Royal Mail anywhere around the globe - if the card is being sent outside of the UK it goes via first class airmail direct to your recipient.

Your online charity ecard isn't restricted to the UK either and can be sent by email or SMS to any mobile number across the globe too.

Posting is always by first class post in the UK and is charged with packaging at 95p for an individual card. If delivery is to you and for the same delivery date, then we will package them together and the price is calculated at checkout.

Of course! Each card supports a single charity - but you can choose a different charity to support for each card you add to your basket.

No, charities pay nothing to be listed on our site and pay nothing towards the costs of the printed cards. Being printed-on-demand means no wastage and therefore we are as enviromentally friendly as is physically possible.

With each printed charity card or charity ecard you make a minimum £1 donation during the purchase of every card sold which goes to the charity. NO COMMISSION or FEES are taken by Making a Difference Cards.

Unfortunately Bank transfer fees of 1.4% + 20p will be incurred on all purchases.

However, at the checkout you will have the option to cover these fees and therefore ensure that 100% of your donation goes to the charity.

You will be able to increase your donation amount, support a campaign or donate to a specified cause. You will also be able to submit a Gift Aid declaration if they display a Gift Aid logo.

If you receive an error message on screen after a short wait, try and enter your card details again, making sure you check everything is correct - it's often easy to enter a wrong CV2 / security code or expiry date. If you still have no luck, please contact us and we'll assist you. If you are trying to order outside Customer Service hours, just leave your order in your shopping basket (where it is saved) and send us an email letting us know the difficulty you had.

We are bound by the Code of Fundraising Practice and our submission of personal information through the store is governed by our Privacy and Cookie Policy which explain what personal information we collect.

No personal information is ever passed to charities other than:

1. For the purposes of processing gift aid
2. Unless explicit consent has been obtained from you at the time of check out.

If as a direct result of purchasing a card or making a donation via our service you are contacted directly by a charity without having given express consent for them to do so please inform us immediately so that we, along with the Fundraising Regulator, can respond to the complaint in a swift and appropriate manner.

No, the site is completely free to all charities. As the purchaser buys the card there are no costs to the charity for having a collection of over 3000 card designs available at all times. Our cards are printed-on-demand meaning there is limited environmental impact - we even post multiple cards together where possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

Each charity is provided with a unique URL for their branded page. All you have to do is direct supporters there by creating a link from your website to your unique URL on our portal.

Then we suggest you: Tweet It, Post it to Facebook and promote it via any of your other social media channels.

We will be doing the same for all Charities on-board via the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

We also have a dedicated promotional portal available in your charity admin where you can download images, view suggested posts and find links to our videos

For every card sold a minimum £1 donation is made by the purchaser that goes to the charity. NO COMMISSION or FEE is taken by Making a Difference Cards.

Unfortunately, payment gateway fees of 1.4% + 20p (or 2.4% + 20p for non EU Cards) will be incurred on all purchases.

However, during the checkout process, your supporters have the option to cover these fees and we see over 55% of them doing this for you. Therefore ensuring that 100% of their donation goes to your charity.

Please call us now on 0330 223 0454 to discuss your requirements or email us using and we'll be in touch.

Directly, our solution transfers the donation at time of purchase to your registered account. You also receive email confirmations and end of month reports.

YES, you are able to supply us with your own card designs and request that they be added to your account on our platform.

Yes, we can provide you with a small snippet of code that allows you to embed your personalised charity page within your own website. Call or email for help on how we can help you do this.

We have one simple aim - to let you know how much goes to your chosen charity - when you purchase a card from us no money is taken out of your donation by Making A Difference.

Our cards for charity allow you to select the charity you want to donate to and how much you want to donate, then you can personalise your card or ecard with our easy, step by step solution.

Turn your photo memories into unique gifts whilst donating to charity - send them to your loved ones who can treasure them or even frame them to be treasured forever.


How can I donate and send a charity card or ecard?


Making a Difference cards allows you to choose your preferred charity, choose a card design or ecard design and then choose how much you would like to donate with that card.

Can I add an extra virtual gift?


If the charity has them, you can also donate virtual gifts, these also get printed on the inside of the cards, so that your loved one knows how you have supported the charity in their name.


Do you ever forget to organise your card purchases throughout the year?


Your making a difference charity greeting card can be purchased up to a year in advance and our system will store it and deliver it for you - we send you confirmation emails as each card gets sent out and a final one once your order is complete.


What ranges of charity greeting cards do you have?


We have a range of personalised greeting cards for charity to suit all occasions from charity Christmas cards and ecards, charity birthday cards and ecards, charity valentines cards and ecards, wedding cards and ecards plus charity photo cards and ecards you will find a card to support all good causes throughout the year. You can also schedule your cards/ecards for charity for delivery any day or time up to a year in advance, just add them to our site and we'll send them out on whenever you choose.


You can also support multiple charities in any given order so if your Gran loves Orangutans and Aunty Jo supports Lions or Tigers this is no problem. just add your card to the cart and you can choose to support as many other charities as you like.


Plus, your chosen charity receives 100% of the donation you make, we take no commission from any donation made, the only fee is from our payment provider and we even offer you the chance to pay that.


Making A Difference's greeting card and ecard range for all occasions

Our huge selection of personalised cards and photo upload cards have everything you need to send your friends, family and loved ones an amazingly heartfelt greeting - and you also get to donate to a worthy cause of your choice at the same time.

You can also send them as our virtual 3D digital personalised ecards too - the exact same designs and photo upload cards can be sent directly to an inbox or mobile phone the same day! So whatever the occasion we’ve got a greeting card for you including Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, Thank You Cards, Father's Day Cards, Mother’s Day Cards, Valentine's Cards and Anniversary Cards.

With over 6000 charity card designs to choose from - whether it’s a Birthday Card, Christmas Card or a Thank You Card, we are sure you will find one to match the occasion. Our range allows you to fully personalise the designs and you can upload your photos, add names, special messages and more. You can edit the inside of our cards, then send the card directly to your recipient or have it sent back to you.

All of our printed cards are printed on FSC approved 275gsm board and are sent by 1st Class post, ecards can be sent instantly or at the date and time of your choice.

We are Personalised Charity Cards
& Personalised Charity ECards


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