Personalised Cards & Personalised Virtual 3D Ecards

Are you looking to send a personalised cards or ecards? Why not send a personalised charity card instead - it can double as a gift and charitable donation all in one. Imagine how excited the recipient will be when they open up their post or inbox to find a personalised card supporting their favourite charity!


Making A Difference Cards allows you to add alternative giftsdonate to charity and/or fundraise for the charity closest to your heart or that of the person you are sending the card to - a gift and card all in one.

Choose a charity by sector

Hospices & Homes
Social Welfare
Armed Forces
Local Community
Overseas Aid
NHS and Friends of
Rescue & Emergency

Looking for a specific charity? Try filtering the list using the search bar below:

Our personalised cards and ecards allow you to support your chosen charity all year round. You decide how much to donate plus you can add a personal touch by adding an extra virtual gift. Then you get to personalise your card with text and photos, using our easy step by step solution.

Then preview your card, choose from a range of options such as the size and quantity for printed cards or coloured envelope and text for our digital 3D ecards and then decide when and where we should send it!

We have one simple aim - to be fully transparent on pricing so you know how much goes to your chosen charity - when you purchase a card from us we charge you for the card, we then offer you the ability to make a donation of your choice, add a gift or donate to your charities fundraiser. No money is taken out of your donation by making a difference - not one single penny, there are no hidden 5%, 10% fees - 100% goes to charity if you choose to pay the transaction fee that our card processor makes.


Do you ever forget to organise your card purchases throughout the year?

Your Making A Difference personalised card can be purchased up to a year in advance and our system will print and deliver them for you - we'll even send you confirmation emails as each card gets sent out. With a range of personalised cards and ecards for charity to suit all occasions such as charity Christmas cards, charity birthday cards, charity valentines cards, charity wedding cards and charity photo cards you will find a design to support all good causes throughout the year.

You can also support multiple charities in a single order, each card can support a different charity.

* Your chosen charity receives 100% of the donation you make, we take no commission from any donation made, the only fee is the transaction fee from our payment provider and we even offer you the chance to cover that when completing your purchase.

Together we can all be - Making A Difference!


How it works


Choose a charity


  • by either sector, category, name or location
  • for a charity close to yours or the recipients heart
  • for a new charity to support - sharing your charitable giving

Add something extra

Make your card a lasting gift:

  • increase the donation you would like to make
  • add a gift to the card
  • support a fundraising campaign*

Personalise your card

In the following ways:

  • use your own message, poem, artwork or photo
  • choose your card template
  • choose the date and time the card will be sent - upto a year in advance

No accounts needed - Your details will not be passed on without your permission