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2021 - A Year in Review

The last three months of 2021 have yet again shown us the full potential of Making A Difference. All of us involved in the business are looking forward to seeing how this project really takes off.

We even exceeded our own expectations, with visitors to the website increasing dramatically during the festive period. As a result, this January we had the pleasure of paying out tens of thousands of pounds to our charity partners. Even though a majority of them do not promote our service, the shift has been staggering, with our automated payout solution showing a rise of over 200% year on year.

Across 2021 we saw an increase to the average amount being donated per printed card, which matched what we saw with our ecards too. This shows that both options are of equal value to charities.

In October, November and December, we saw printed card sales outpace ecard sales by a 3:1 ratio, proving that traditional printed card sales are still strong. Boxed card sets saw another year of increase. Printed corporate card sales outperformed our ecards this year - and the average donation was higher on those printed cards - again showing the value of ink on paper.

The year ahead will see us investing in more new features and continuing to expand our card range and reach…

"Card by Card Making A Difference"