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Best Personalised Charity Card Provider 2023

Great News, our commitment to making every occasion an opportunity for generosity has resulted to Making A Difference Cards, led by CEO Raquel Muller, being honoured with the title of

"Best Personalised Charity Card Provider of 2023 - UK."

In a celebration of innovation, the award recognises Making A Difference Cards' tireless efforts in offering personalized greeting cards that not only touch hearts but also provide a platform for charitable giving intertwining the act of giving with the personal touch of a personalised card.

It places Making a Difference Cards amongst the best in the industry.  It sets itself apart by creating a platform where customers have the autonomy to donate personally to various charitable organizations through their card purchases, enabling them to support causes that resonate with them on a personal level.

 “Our cards have served as conduits for generosity, allowing customers to make a tangible difference to the charities that they wish to support, donating any amount desired per card purchased. Customers are not only offered the opportunity to craft unique, personalised cards but also contribute to the greater good through their chosen donations. It‘s great to know that as a company and a brand we have stood out in a competitive field, securing the recognition for our outstanding commitment to social impact and custom card creations.

  "Card by Card making A Difference"