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Ethical & Green Checklist - The Guardian

We've got exciting news to share: Making A Difference Cards was featured in the Ethical and Green Business Checklist in The Guardian newspaper 27th January 2024 – an acknowledgment for businesses committed to responsible practices.

Our focus on environmental responsibility has earned us a place alongside other leading ethical businesses and reaffirms our ongoing dedication to integrating positive change into our operations.

The increased visibility of Making A DIfference Cards directly benefits the charities we support, offering them heightened exposure and greater chances of connecting with new donors.

The full article reads:

Empower your greetings: Making a Difference Cards turns card buying into a social and ethical choice

When buying your greeting cards, don’t just settle for selecting a design and adding a message; donate directly to your chosen charity and increase its impact.

Printed on demand using FSC-certified board, their ethical sourcing and sustainability is evident. Want to minimise your carbon footprint?Every design is available as an interactive 3D e-card too. This unique fusion of customisable donation, sustainable printing, and e-card options transforms each and every purchase into a personal ethical choice, promoting and advocating for a conscientious and greener approach to commerce – your card becomes a powerful statement.

This Valentine’s Day, why not embrace a thoughtful approach to gifting? Choose a Making A Difference Card and express your love by embodying the spirit of making a positive impact, one card at a time.