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New Feature added for 2023!

Revolutionising Your Card Selection Experience!

We've all been there, lost in the sea of card designs, perfectly understandable when we have over 5000 designs and 40+ categories, trying to unearth that one perfect card that speaks volumes. But fret not, for we bring you a beacon of convenience!

Introducing Your Card-Choosing Upgrade: Saving your favorites

Ever wished you could save those special finds for later, ensuring they're just a click away when you need them? Your wish is our command! You can now effortlessly save your most beloved card designs directly to your account.

This month we've added this extra feature to the other two, track your orders and set up friendly reminders. All can be found within your account dashboard.

We hope you enjoy this new feature which will make your journey through our array of cards a breeze, make your experience more personalised, more efficient, and certainly more delightful.

Create an account today to stay tuned for more updates and revel in the ease of selecting your perfect card.

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